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Experts in Green Lake Real Estate

Special Properties has been serving customers in Green Lake for over 25 years.  Over this time, we have consistently ranked at the top for lake home transactions.  This knowledge coupled with our hand-picked team provides a valuable service to owners and renters alike.

We Care About YOUR Property

You own a vacation home in or on Big Green Lake, WI because you love it here.  We get it….we love it here too!  Your vacation home is in good hands.  We know your property is your family’s home away from home.  When you arrive, it’s exactly the way you left it.  Professional cleaning, home maintenance and in-house inspection are key components of our “rest easy” approach.

We Take Care of Our Owners

Our owners are our top priority and we show them every chance we get.  Our owners are key to our success.  It doesn’t matter how well we execute on other areas of our business if we don’t have quality homes to rent or sell to clients.  Over the years, owners trust us with an incredibly important asset: their vacation home. You are a partner.  Our owner-management team is here to respond to your needs 24/7.  Let us earn your trust.

We Aim to Maximize Your Investment

Marketing. Bookings. Online listings. We handle it all.  We have the staff, experience and knowledge to maximize rental revenue for our owners.  Our professional team and experience allows us to leverage our knowledge for your benefit.  We are experts in internet marketing where 90% of new customers are generated. We will create custom listings on leading internet booking sites as well as our own in-house site.  Once we place a customer in your house, we have them for life because we know we have attended to every level of detail.

Included in Owner Services Optional Expenses

You are our partner, we are your agent Annual Linen Fee – varies by home

Offer peace of mind Unusual Repairs or Maintenance

Complimentary 5 hour proactive maintenance Cleaning for Owner or Guests of

Dedicated marketing to increase property visibility and owner

rental income Aerial 360 Photography

24/7 service for check in and maintenance Annual Deep Cleaning of 

Restocking of paper goods windows, carpets, etc. 

Professional photography

Special Properties is also available to assist in the management of self-booked rentals. Please call for further details.

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